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  • Advice for newly diagnosed. December 5, 2019
    What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone who’s parents or loved one has been recently diagnosed? This isn’t necessarily advice but I’d recommend writing down or video recording them telling their life stories. Ask the random questions you’d love to know or might want to know in the future. submitted by /u/abunchofthoughts [link] […]
  • Visiting dad December 4, 2019
    Dad's (90) facility is having a holiday party for the residents and family. Nice thing to do, however, this past weekend he tried to escape twice resulting in the facility placing a ankle monitor on him. My father's alzheimers has him being very verbally abusive. My fear is on this visit he will disrupt what […]
  • Wife’s memory issues December 4, 2019
    Wife’s memory issues My kids have pointed it out for a couple years and we often laugh about her forgetfulness. I have always believed it was a simple age thing - we all forget our keys, our cell phones etc. or what we went down stairs for... This weekend for the first time i felt […]
  • How did you find out? December 4, 2019
    How did you find out your loved one had dementia/Alzheimer’s? What were the early signs? How old were they? You? submitted by /u/abunchofthoughts [link] [comments]

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