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  • Dad made his own scarf to wear in 32⁰c heat. August 4, 2021
    Dad refuses to wear a coat when it rains. Conversely, he refuses to take his coat and scarf off when it's sunny. We had a heatwave in the UK recently - yes, 32⁰c is considered V E R Y warm here - and dad insisted on joining us for an evening walk with his jumper, […]
  • How to deal with awkward questions from someone with Alzheimer's? August 4, 2021
    My mother has Alzheimer's and frequently asks to speak with her parents, I don't have the heart to tell her that they are dead. What would be the best way to deflect this question without upsetting her? submitted by /u/kaen [link] [comments]
  • Grandpa’s diagnosis August 4, 2021
    My mom told me about a week ago that my grandpa was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. It’s something that we’ve suspected for a couple years, but hearing his diagnosis is still incredibly painful. My grandpa and I are extremely close, and I’m having a very hard time with it. He’s coming to visit us in […]
  • How to keep patients hydrated? August 4, 2021
    I haven't been able to figure out how to keep my mother hydrated properly. She never drinks water on her own and when i give it to her i'm lucky if she even takes a sip. She barely drinks a bottle of water a day if even that. I think giving it to her in […]

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