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  • Saying Goodbye to my Grammy April 10, 2021
    I’m saying goodbye to my Grammy today. I was her caregiver for a while before I moved out of state, and haven’t seen her since lockdown started a year ago. She was moved to a care facility 6 months ago, and probably had a stroke during surgery a couple weeks ago and has been placed […]
  • Caregiving for my grandmother with Alzheimer's. Help! :( April 10, 2021
    My grandmother is 74 and shes been bedridden for the past 10 years due to a variety of illnesses (dysfunctional neurological system, severe osteoarthritis affecting her entire system). We tried a whole bunch of different treatment techniques (allopathy and ayurveda) over several years and it isnt improving infact it seems to be getting worse and […]
  • Did anyone tried intermittent fasting or something? April 9, 2021
    I have read about articles that Alzheimer’s disease is also often called type 3 diabetes because patients with Alzheimer’s disease are likely to have insulin resistant brains. Of course being metabolically diabetic (as in type 2 not type 1) increases the odds of Alzheimer’s as well. But has anyone tried to do anything of the […]
  • I hate Sundowner's. April 9, 2021
    I really do. She just looked in my face, scream-bellowed twice, and emptied her dinner into the trash. Then she demanded "decent food". Because a cheeseburger is "decent" for a diabetic, and a bowl of homemade, organic, from-scratch Broccoli Beef is "shit I don't deserve". I hate Sundowner's syndrome. submitted by /u/plotthick [link] [comments]

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