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  • Junk Mail March 7, 2021
    I am looking for any easy suggestion to eliminate junk mail, specifically donation solicitations. We are in early phases of consolidating my mom's life- all the bills are paperless, I have informed delivery set up, but the FREAKING junk mail is off the hook. Literally like 15 donation solicitations a day... sometimes she opens them […]
  • I finally got to see my mom in her room ❤️ it was the perfect day. March 7, 2021
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  • Father recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's but contesting license revocation March 7, 2021
    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone on this subreddit has had a similar experience as our family. I kindof just want to vent but if anyone can offer some advice, I'd appreciate it. Here are the details: -Father, mid 70s, recently diagnosed with moderate Alzheimer's dementia by two separate doctors. I can't really judge […]
  • Year 4 as a care giver. March 7, 2021
    Year 4 as a care giver. This is my story. The NORCAL fired fractured my friend brain. PTSD or something. He is on Haldol, a lot of it. Not much to say, Halidol has given me a few hours back when he sleeps. Iv stolen everything, his dogs, cars, furniture, glasses, These are some of […]

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