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  • Does your spouse or partner have Alzheimer's? Meet the Well Spouse Association January 24, 2021
    r/WellSpouses just went live. It’s a sub for people caring for spouses / partners (only) with life-changing illnesses or disability. Find others who understand. Sponsored by The Well Spouse® Association (wellspouse.org). We offer peer support (by Zoom, in-person, and by phone), resources, and compassion – lots of it. Hope you’ll check us out. submitted by […]
  • Lonely, violent, depressed mother in law. Needing advice. January 24, 2021
    Hello, I thank anyone who reads this and /or gives advice. I don't know if there's anything my husband and I can do. My mother in law's Alzheimer's has progressed rapidly since Covid. My husband is allowed to visit her in her place. She is in assisted living. Was doing just fine for a year […]
  • It's Only the Beginning January 23, 2021
    My mom is still in the early stages, and it's difficult for my dad and I to take care of her. While it's easy to make sure she's eaten and doesn't go wandering off into the road, keeping her happy and preoccupied is difficult. She needs to have someone within eyesight at all times or […]
  • Medication experiences: Vortioxetine January 23, 2021
    Anyone have experience with this to control anxiety in their LO? My mom starts it Monday. She has PTSD, OCD and crippling anxiety. She’s been on many meds, but the doctor says this one doesn’t make the dementia worse. submitted by /u/PegShop [link] [comments]

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